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House vs Home

If the father of the home is never in the home, it’s not a home it’s just a house. if the mother of the home doesn’t have the time to spend speaking to the children or the father, it’s not a home  it’s just a mere accommodation that’s what it is.

It’s just a roof that’s what, it’s a bedding. To make it a home you need to have a family, to make it a family you need to have communication. To be able to communicate you need to spend time with each other.  You need to put your phone aside, turn off the Wi-Fi of your house 10 o’clock at night, off 9 o’clock at night. Switch it off so that you are not on your phone and your kids are also not.

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We  tell our children you are on the phone whole day whole night, you know what if  they could they would say mom you’re on  the phone whole day of all night everyday every night? I’m only on it once in a while. But if mom says 9 o’clock we turn it off I’m off you guys off someone is dying they will call you, they will phone you.

I know the excuses people say no I leave everything on because what if someone is dying? If they are dying they will call you. There’s so many ways of getting hold of you, but if you don’t have time because everything is to do with the internet and why do you have a family?  What’s the point wasting time?

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May Allah help us to help our children, may Allah help us to help ourselves and then help our children, and Wallahi my brothers and sisters the globe is struggling today.  People are being brainwashed into extremism, you know one of the reasons is the family unit is no longer as solid as it was.

If the family unit is solid and the communication is good and there is a decent understanding, and we go to pray together, and we go to listen to our lectures together. We will be able to guideline our children, we will be able to guide our children in and go to places that are meaningful, where they will have a balanced upbringing and they don’t have to resort to something that is bad and evil.

They don’t have to do things behind our backs, because we have a good communication. The minute their mind is deviating slightly we will pick it up in the discussion we have with them. Because we have daily discussions, a lot of us do not have daily discussions with our children.

I asked one man do you ever kiss your daughters? He says daughters, no ways you don’t kiss your daughters no. How can I do that? Say why not? I’m not talking about kissing them on the lips, we’re talking about kissing them on the forehead kissing them on the hand  embracing them telling them I love you I  love you so much I miss you sending them  a message your daughters are growing up  your sons how many of us have teenaged  sons we never message them they’ve got  phones they get messages from the whole  world they never got a message from dad  maybe not even from mum sometimes  message them I met work thinking about  you love you miss you a lot I see what  it does for you and your home see.

don’t  be the old school we say how can I say I  love you to my children what we would  believe me  you know I remember the old man one day  I gave a talk about how important it is  to say I love you to your wife he came  back to me and he says I’ve never ever  said I love you to her but I know she  loves me and I said uncle your  generation is already gone you are one  of those who are fortunate to have  remained behind.

New generation you need to say 20 times a day minimum, minimum that’s why everything is really  Subhan Allah internet free WhatsApp  calling free because they know you  have to send it but the problem is we  send it to the wrong number we send it  to the wrong number.

May Allah SWT forgive us really it’s something  important something good to learn  remember to use your tongue just like  Zikr of Allah is a very great act of  worship to say good words to your  children is  very great activation one day the  prophets of Allah kissed Al Hassan Ibn Ali (R.A) when he was  a baby that was his grandson so a man was sitting near him and  he says you kissed your grandson I have  10 of them I haven’t kissed even one the  Prophet says “whoever  doesn’t show mercy will not be shown  mercy”.

These are my children these are my  grandchildren I will kiss them so to  kiss your children is the Sunnah it’s an  act of worship it is an act of worship  if to kiss your children is an act of  worship imagine what type of an act of  worship it would be to kiss your wife or  husband – Masha Allah Allah help us  please don’t do that in public needs to  be done in private I always believe  those who do it in public in private  they don’t really get along this is just  showing that we get along those who  really love each other don’t need to  show they know.


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