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Etiquette of Asking Questions

And this is why we say they will be  verses in the Quran that sometimes  people may not understand they are  verses of Ahkam(orders) there are verses of  rules and regulations you know a young  boy came to me and I was so touched  because it proved that he reads the  Quran he says I read in the Quran that  it’s okay to drink to drink alcohol and  I know it’s Haram because I’m a Muslim  so can you explain to me what’s going on look at the wording? beautiful.

Look a young boy words it so  respectfully because he says I know it’s  haram I know I’m not allowed and I know  alcohol abomination but how come there’s  a verse of the Quran which says “oh you who believe do not come close to  Salah and if you are in an intoxicated  state until you are sane and you know  what you’re saying”  Subhan Allah so I said that actually is  not allowing or permitting drinking.

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It was only dealing with a certain stage,  alcohol has been prohibited in four  stages and then I explained to him how  that initially the you know the people who were involved in alcohol and  intoxicants in a very big way and so  Allah SWT created the  hatred in the hearts of the believers  for this item and when the hatred was in  he cut he cut it completely and he says  and next the  verse came later on in Madina Munawwara  where it was totally prohibited and what  did the Sahaba (R.A) do?

The few of them who were still involved they had immediately spat it out they dropped it out and it is reported that the gullies and alleys of medina were flowing because everybody got rid of whatever they had immediately so he understood it he says all Masha’Allah at least now I know what’s going on and that’s a gift of Allah SWT.

But there comes other people who say i disagree with this and disagree with that why do you call yourself a Muslim if you want to disagree? Muslim is the one who has surrendered it’s the word of Allah and trust me those who have read the other books the Testaments and everything else that is in existence in terms of spiritual directories.

You will find that the Quran is on a league of its own completely of its own there is nothing that can compete with the word of Allah SWT may Allah SWT make us from those who dedicate our lives to the Quran and the Sunnah of Rasul Ullah (PBUH) my brothers and sisters promise yourselves and promise Allah SWT not a day will pass without us having something to do with the Quran.

Read it understand it we this meaning  even if it means one single verse talk  about it speak to others go to work and  say today I read this verse this is what  it is you are adopting the Sunnah of  Muhammad (PBUH).

Conveyed from me even if  it means a single verse a small amount  but conveyed may Allah SWT used me to do that and use  every one of you to do that.


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