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Advice to Make the Best of Ramadan

The best advice I give you is to spend time with whatever you tell your  children to do when you do it yourself –  and sisters I know your husband’s put a  lot of pressure on you sometimes to make  the most elaborate if God ever made it  human history, but brothers get you know  don’t blood pressure on the women to  cooks so much, they’re cooking half the  lid of the faster just cooking that is  standing in front of stove and cooking and  not doing anything else.

Have a light iftar, don’t overcook. You cook enough for ten people  and there’s two people sitting there  this is the month to remember the advice of Rasul Ullah(PBUH when he tells us to fill one  third of our stomach, you know one  third for meal, one third for drink  and the other would leave the third  alone.

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This is not the month for you to  take you know you still 10 minutes  before mount up you sit at the table and  you’re waiting you need to fill them you  don’t got a mountain to catch up when  you’re playing you got the fries the  popcorn and the Samosy all this stuff  and you’re just making a mountain of  food inside and by the time you’re done  with that you can barely stand up about  it.

Most people that’s unfortunate those  losses they end up gaining weight in Ramadan  and not losing weight you know eat  normal eat light each light so you have  the energy to move around don’t hurt  your stomach that’s the training what’s  the point of all-day of fasting a large training us to be able to do without  spoon and then overeat at the end of all  of it, it defeats the purpose and  obviously when you have that kind of the  state how in the world are you there  comfortably?

And even if you do after two hours you’re going to be standing there waiting for the amount is he going to go  into the war at this one we’re going to long that’s what’s going to happen to you don’t want that to happen you  want to make the most of this month it  has to do with how you leave what your  schedule will be how entire family is  motivated to do their best  everybody has to work hard on everybody  does and not only families at the same  level but we have a lot of profile in  the community  a lot of people in the community that  come we’re pretty much have been prayer  they live here and there’s so many  people that are not here not everybody’s  at the same level but you know what you  have to do better this Ramadan than you did last Ramadan.

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Your family has to  do so a lot that they did last time  about you personally your children the  wife everybody you’re not in competition  with anybody else you’re in competition  with yourself you have to improve  yourself even have to ask yourself what  did I mess up and roll on and Halle Megan except is still alive now so this  is a little bit about the sisters  also sisters even if you are preparing  meals or you’re spending a lot of time  at home or you know busy with other  things kind of use that time up either  for reciting reviewing the Quran you  memorize listening to recitation  listening to Tafseer explanations of  the Quran weather its in Arabic or  English listen.

Listen to that  explanation I also have advice Hufaz(Imams in Taraveeh) in the audience the only  thing they do a lot is prepare for Taraveeh and the only thing otherwise  – I got a review because I think I got a  lead prayer in front of 10 people 100  people a thousand people  I just have to review my Quran and it  takes away the KHUSHU of Ramadan.

Have a dedicated time for review but  also because Alhamdolillah you’ve  already memorized the entire Quran you  should be focused but now as much as you  can be on trying to understand the Quran  it’s a tragedy when we have a generation  of people that I’ve memorized the Quran  but don’t understand it this is a month  you should try especially Hufaz should go out of their way to read TAFSEER listen  to explanation you know and really kind  of internalize what it is that they were  saying you should have a program of you  know every year I’m gonna study two  three just left of Tafseer So over the next  ten years Inshaa Allah you’ve studied the  entire Quran just in Ramadan.


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