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We are exclusively dedicated to collecting Brother Nouman Ali Khan’s lectures in one website and one YouTube channel to make it easier for people to access and reference to. Keep us in your prayers please.
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About Us

We are a group of volunteers who are building this website solely for the purpose of  pleasing Allah. Brother Nouman Ali Khan is not associated, and does not run nor monitor this website. We post his works and take responsibility for that. He has not copyrighted any of his works. He is fully aware that his lectures are being distributed and re-uploaded on social network sites. Brother Nouman Ali Khan’s own website program (i.e. the Quran tafsir) begins with a permission to redistribute them.

On this website, you can find 
– Brother Nouman’s old and new lectures, in video and written article format.
– All Brother Nouman’s lectures, notes and study of the Quran.
– Brother Nouman’s short advice on different subjects of life. 

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Note: If we are able to bring any good to anyone then all Praise is for Allah. If there are any mistakes, then the mistakes have been ours